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La versión 1.0 del esperado software VMS de MOBOTIX está disponible para su descarga. Prometo una review (o varias) en los próximos días donde descubriremos lo que puede hacerse con este software, desarrollado desde scratch y con la multi-plataforma en mente por los ingenieros software del fabricante Alemán.

Además del propio software, podremos encontrar un firmware que es necesario cargar en las cámaras que queramos controlar desde MxMC.

A continuación os copio el texto que acompaña la descarga:

MxManagementCenter (MxMC) is a complete new development for PC*/MAC/Linux* systems with the focus on a unique and intuitive user experience, providing the highest cost savings and flexibility in the market. Following the MOBOTIX software concept, MxMC is 100% included in the MOBOTIX portfolio, requiring no extra software, license or update costs. (*Available soon)

MxMC can be used in projects independent of the number of cameras or the mix of products incl. doorstation, MxDisplay, accessories, storage devices, etc. All MOBOTIX products in the network will be automatically detected and can be configured with the brand-new graphical user interface without any web browser, easy and intuitive. So, it is possible to setup a complete system of cameras, home automation and alarm devices in the shortest time without extra software and license fees. Especially the configuration management of MxMC will help to reduce installation, configuration and maintenance costs dramatically.

Additional features: addition of an unlimited number of cameras, touchscreen-optimized operation, camera groups with representation in Grid and Graphic views, Grid views with a focus window and many controls, quick display of particular cameras in the focus window by «drag and drop» from the camera bar, Graphic views with freely definable icons, «softbuttons» used to execute any URL and live windows, quick switching between Grid and Graphic views, optical and audible alarming of new events, quick switching to the Playback view to allow playback of events and continuous recordings, Instant Player that allows for quick viewing of the latest events during live video monitoring operation, a special Research view for easy viewing of a large number of events, easy use of multiple monitors by double-clicking on the live image, grid or event image, camera sequencer, door station functions (intercom, open door, turn light on/off, etc.), data export, subsequent distortion correction of hemispheric camera images – in live images and in recordings.

You can download the MxManagementCenter Tutorial as a PDF file.

MxManagementCenter Mac OS X
Release notes:  de  en

MOBOTIX Products: D24M, M24M, Q24M, T24M, D14Di, S14, V14D, D25M, M25M, Q25M, T25M, i25, c25, D15Di, M15, M15-Thermal, S15, V15D
Highlights: Special release for the brand-new MxManagementCenter. For all P3 cameras with Thermal, 6MP, 5MP, 3MP and 1MP (night) image sensors, MxAnalytics on the single-lens cameras D25M, M25M, Q25M, T25M, i25, c25
Languages: English, German, Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Turkish

Release notes:  de  en

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